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Frequently Asked Questions about Emily Johnson / Catalyst’s
Then a Cunning Voice and A Night We Spend Gazing at Stars

off-site at Calumet Park September 28, 2019
All Night Performance



September 28th, 2019 from 5 p.m. - 8 a.m.


Calumet Park Cultural Center & Fieldhouse
9801 S Ave G, Chicago, IL 60617
*Please use this address so you arrive in the correct location.


Yes, there is free parking at Calumet Park Cultural Center & Fieldhouse. Parking is located in the lot (parking lot 3) directly across the street from the grove where the event takes place. It’s free. Alternately, the inner street between the fieldhouse and the event location is open for free parking as well.

What time should I arrive? Can the audience leave the show and come back?

By reserving a place at Then a Cunning Voice you are committing to the performance in its entirety. Check-in will be open beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. The show will begin at 6:00 p.m. We encourage audience members to arrive promptly as the experience moves through various locations in the park. Please come prepared to stay all night, through sunrise.  

Will there be food and when will it be served?

Yes! Food is part of the performance. It will be offered and shared through a light supper, breakfast, and snacks. Snack baskets will be shared at approximately 10:00 p.m., a light supper will be served around 2:00 a.m., and breakfast will be served in the morning. Please plan accordingly - we recommend attendees eat a meal before arriving (as the first food break is at 10 p.m.).

What kind of food will be served at supper and breakfast?

The food provided during the performance is made with local and Indigenous food and food knowledge as much as possible. There will be vegetarian options. Allergy concerns? Check out the menu here.

Will I be separated from my stuff?

Most likely, yes. Please leave large valuables and items you cannot carry at home.

Will there be a place to charge my phone?

There will not be charging stations for phones.  We encourage you to not use your phone unless for an emergency.

Is the performance suitable for children?

Yes. The performance is for all ages, but we ask that parents and guardians use their best judgement to decide whether their child will be able to comfortably participate in the experience overnight. There will not be a separate area for audiences to sleep during the performance. Child participants must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


We welcome all to attend. For those who use wheelchairs and individuals with limited mobility, please contact our box office to let us know about your access requirements or special requests when you book your ticket. Please be aware that seating is on the ground for much of the night.


No, it takes place off site!


You can take Public Transit from the Dance Center (or wherever you are coming from), or drive and use the free parking options at Calumet Park.

How long is the event? Will I be able to take breaks and rest?

Check-in begins at 5:00 p.m. with the start of the performance at 6:00 p.m. The performance concludes after sunrise the following morning. The audience should be prepared to stay awake all night, but rest and self-initiated breaks are welcomed. The audience is not permitted to explore the park beyond the performance site. There are restrooms on site.

What should I pack with me?

Please bring only what you feel comfortable carrying to experience the evening. We remind participants that this event is overnight and outside. We will provide water, welcome tea, 10 p.m. snacks, 2 a.m. supper, and morning breakfast as part of the performance. Eighty-four quilts serve as audience seating, performance area, resting area, and “home” for the duration of the event. This is a no-waste event. Please bring:

● 1 bowl
● 1 water bottle or thermos for water and coffee/tea
● 1 set utensils
● 1 cloth napkin
● light jacket, sweater, and/or light blanket - it may get chilly at night
● please wear comfortable shoes
● please do not bring camping tents or lounge chairs

There will be a washing station for participants’ dishes.

Can I bring food/drinks into the show?

Yes! For your comfort, you may bring snacks as you see fit to tide yourself over between meals. Help us keep this a zero-waste event and please be prepared to share what you bring!

Will I be sitting with my friends the whole time?

There will be time to sit with friends and loved ones and time to be with strangers.

Can I post photos and video during the show on social media?

Video capture of the performance is not allowed.

You may take photos of certain parts of the performance gathering and certain parts where photography will not be appropriate. This will be made clear during the performance.

If you do take photos, please turn off the flash. Please use #thenacunningvoice and tag us @dancecenterpresents, @chicagoparks and @emilyjohnsoncatalyst, in your posts! 

I want to help! How can I do this?

Then a Cunning Voice includes the participation of the audience to foster a communal experience, and there will be an opportunity on-site during check-in for you to sign up for a volunteer slot.


We have a plan! The event will take place inside at Calumet Park.


Any more questions?

Please email or call the box office at 312-369-8330.