On the Ground: Five Dance Writers Join the Season

For the touring artists who come to the Dance Center, the performance is only one part of the engagement. In addition to the shows, the artists are engaged in teaching in Chicago public high schools, teaching at Columbia, and other community activities. These interactions are often rich and provocative… and almost completely undocumented.

As a way to capture some of these behind-the-scenes moments, and record a response to the performance, the Dance Presenting Series is engaging five Chicago dance writers this season. Each writer is assigned to one company and they are invited to be an observer or participant in any of the scheduled residency activities.

Ephrat Asherie Dance – Brianna Heath (’17)

Tere O’Connor Dance – Joanna Furnans

Spectrum Dance Theater – Maddie Kodat

Ananya Dance Theatre – Aaliyah Christina (’16)

Urban Bush Women – Zac Whittenburg

The writing that results will cover the stage performance component, but also the teaching, the hallway jokes, the unexpected connections, the in-between moments. It’s an experiment in holistic dance writing, and we hope you’ll come back to the Dance Center blog to see what emerges.